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How to Exercise without Realizing


Health goals can become overwhelming. If you don’t like lifting weights in the gym, running on a treadmill, or swimming for hours, then don’t do it. Who says exercise is just a “sport”? Home Health Agencies present simple routines you can do without realizing that you are already exercising:

  • Take the Stairs Instead of Elevators

    Elevators and escalators are meant to save your time and energy. However, one research shows why its better to take the stairs:

    • Climbing just eight flights of stairs a day lowers average early mortality risk by 33%.
    • Seven minutes stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years.
    • Just two minutes extra stair climbing a day is enough to stop average middle age weight gain.
  • Spend Time with Children
    Specifically, allot time for your grandkids. A new study has found that grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren live significantly longer lives. The same benefit goes to seniors or older adults who provide caregiving to children even if they’re not related to them by blood. Without realizing it, kids help you stay active, accompanied, and mentally stimulated. To keep loneliness at bay, you can also find engaging companions with home health caregivers.
  • Find an Exercise Buddy
    If you enjoy someone’s company, you’ll never realize the hours that passed spent on walking, shopping, cleaning your home, or walking in the park than alone. It does good to you both physically and mentally. If you’re looking for someone to motivate you to sticking to a healthy lifestyle, get one from a provider of home care in Connecticut.

Let At-HomeCare of CT, LLC be there for you.

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