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Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

‘Tis the season to be merry! Once more, it’s the festive month of sparkling decorations, shopping-sprees, exchanging of gifts, and preparation of holiday delicacies. With all the it-wouldn’t-be-Christmas-without-foods and taste-testing that go overboard, many fall into the trap of weight gain.

However, you can still eat a lot without loading up on the fatty, high-calories dishes. Home health agencies give you the following healthy alternatives:

  • Skip Full-Fat Dips, Eat Yogurt Dips
    An ounce of sour cream has about 60 calories while an ounce of nonfat plain Greek yogurt has only 15 to 20 calories.
  • Skip Some Alcohol Calories, Drink Wine Spritzer
    A wine spritzer is a combination of wine and club soda; the latter has no calories.
  • Skip Candied Yams, Eat Roasted Sweet Potatoes
    A 3/4-cup serving of sweet potatoes brushed with a little heart-healthy canola or olive oil is only 100 calories compared to candied yams which have 215 calories per half-cup.
  • Skip Dark Meat, Eat White Meat Turkey
    A dark meat has about twice the fat of turkey breast and about 40 percent more calories.
  • Skip Store-Bought, Eat Homemade Stuffing
    For a healthy holiday, make your own stuffing. Let our home health caregivers help you prepare tasty yet nutritious stuffing.
  • Skip Traditional Gravy, Eat Low-Fat Gravy
    You can make tasty gravy with 1 cup of fat-free turkey broth, 2 tablespoons of flour, and seasonings to taste.
  • Skip Cranberry Sauce, Eat Cranberry Relish
    A cranberry sauce is full of sugar, corn syrup, and other added sweeteners but you can make your own cranberry relish and cut out some of the sugar for a healthy holiday side dish.
  • Skip the Casserole, Eat Fresh Green Beans
    Eat your veggies first because they’re lower in calories.

At-HomeCare of CT, LLC, a home care in Connecticut, can guide you through maintaining healthy eating habits despite the tempting holiday delectables.

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