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6 Self-Help Lessons to Overcoming Depression

6 Self-Help Lessons to Overcoming Depression

We have all gone through a point in our lives when we thought we would not make it. There were times when we thought that was it; that was all we were. We thought we are not that significant. Even when people would remind us of how special we are to them, how much they love us, we could not find it in us to believe them. It was the hardest times in our lives.

At Home Care of CT, LLC has always put the best of our patients’ well-being in mind. Home Care in Connecticut means more to us than the services we provide. This is why we have put together this article for moments when people do not see what we go through behind the mask we wear every day.

  1. Love yourself first.

    You cannot really love others until you learn to love yourself. Give yourself a moment to enjoy the things you love. Give yourself the credit for the work you do for others and for yourself. Love yourself through the small things you can do and for the big things you have the potential to do. What other people say does not matter when you learn that you have control over the emotions and mindset you are blessed with. Know your worth. Live by purpose and not by words from people.

  2. Happiness is a choice.

    It is a choice to open your eyes in the morning. It is by choice that we continue breathing no matter whatever we go through. It should always be a choice to live and see what God has in store for us. Just as obvious as it is, happiness is a choice. Choose to do the things that make you happy. Be around the people that bring out the best in you, lifting you up and giving your life more meaning. Choose to be happier every morning until night time. You deserve it. You’re more than worth the happiness.

  3. Focus on what you can do.

    Do not dwell on the words people say that “you cannot do this”, “you cannot be this.” We are all born unique from each other. We are given specific gifts. If we are going to have to blend in and fit into everything people want us to be, wouldn’t the world be too boring? This is why it is important to love our own gifts and uplift others who do not know theirs yet; than to push them down even further.

  4. Being vocal helps.

    Share what you feel. Say what you mean. If people do not listen, if you are misunderstood – don’t be sad. It’s them, not you. Be with the people that help you up no matter what. The right people would always be there for you no matter what you go through. Tell people what you like and do not like. Give them two cents of your thoughts. Sharing your thoughts help lessen the load. It’s a great way of detoxifying your mind.

  5. Embrace who you are and wear it as an armor.

    You know yourself more than others. Once you accept this about yourself, no one can crush you. You create your weaknesses and strengths. Make sure the weaknesses you create are the strongest armor you can wear through the war you face every day.

  6. Experience is a way for life to strengthen you – not break you.

    We learn or we break. Like the choice of being happy, the choice stands with you to break or learn. Choose to learn. Cry, wipe your tears then stand back up. No one can steal your crown if you keep your chin up. Don’t let it slip.

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