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4 Risks Seniors Face when Living Alone

4 Risks Seniors Face when Living Alone

It is evident in many homes that the older people get, the greater their tendency to live alone. This is even true to elders who do not have children to call their own. Perhaps this can make you wonder, “What could living alone do to seniors? Are there any risks to watch out for?”
Here are four possible effects of living alone to the elderly, all of which you ought to know as early as now:

  1. Increased Risk of Depression

    Living alone greatly invites feelings of loneliness. Numerous studies have proven that loneliness is a major factor for depression. Seniors would then tend to be more negative about the future. Depression calls for professional treatment, which can be difficult to attain without any companion.

  2. Increased Risk of Mortality

    Other than depression, living alone can also easily magnet trips and fall accidents. All these can lead seniors to the gateway of death. Without any companion, there is less network of confidants who can prompt medical care. Serious conditions in seniors, hence, are robbed of the chance to be treated thoroughly.

  3. Increased Risk of Unsafety

    It cannot be denied that growing old slowly decreases a person’s level of independence. In effect, various movements, tasks and activities of daily living are hardly accomplished alone. To push one’s self in accomplishing these things might only mean putting safety at risk. Seniors who have mobility limits are in dire need of personal assistance to complete every single task.

    Seniors’ safety may be put at risk both when they are at home and when they head out for important appointments or errands. Limits with mobility and chronic pains can heighten their tendency to fall into accidents – especially those who still feel gutsy to drive on wheels.

  4. Increased Risk of Poor Mental Health

    Socialization and communication have been known to maintain the brain’s sharpness. This supports the claims that seniors are more likely to have poor mental health when in isolation. Various studies show that isolation quickens cognitive decline. Even when seniors get exposed to crowds or gatherings, they are usually left out during conversations and interactions, thus unable to speak up.

If you have a senior who lives alone from quite a far distance, simple acts like the following can already help fill a hole:

  1. Making phone calls
  2. Sending mails or text messages
  3. Visiting occasionally

If you are compelled to ensure that your senior stays secure and well-accompanied day by day, free from the above-mentioned perils, making arrangements with At-HomeCare of CT, LLC is a step worth the taking! Bringing you quality Home Care in Connecticut, we provide Companionship Services your senior can surely relish in. Their everyday need for a Companion would not remain an unfulfilled wish.

Take time to know more about our reliable services by browsing all throughout our website. Should there be concerns you need to speak out right away, feel free to call us up at (203) 748-0103.

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