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Senior Care: 5 Ways to Prevent Falls

Seniors are at high risk of falling due to many different factors including their age and their health condition. If there is one thing you would want to do to help, it would be to protect them from this mishap.

Falling is dangerous to seniors because it can lead to disability or dependence. Veterans, for example, have very fragile bones and some of them might even have osteoporosis which is why they are at high risk of it. To reduce their risk or to prevent it from happening, here are 3 ways to consider:

Hire a Companion

Health care providers must always keep watch over their movements to ensure that this will not happen to them. As a friend or a close relative to the patient, you can hire a companion from At-HomeCare of CT, LLC who can closely monitor your loved one’s behavior to ensure his or her safety always. This means no bones or hip will be broken!

Never make them Dizzy

There are so many factors that could cause seniors to become dizzy so if you are not familiar with all of it, it could be hard to keep them safe all the time.

One factor is poor or problems with circulation. Bring the patient to his or her doctor to find the underlying disease condition that caused the dizziness or poor circulation. By identifying the problem, proper treatment will be given and circulation will also be improved.

The other factor that could also cause dizziness is medicine. So before giving or administering the medication to the senior, make sure you read the adverse effects of the drug first.

For seniors who have eye problems, you can hire a companion or a home care provider from our home care in Connecticut to assist them when moving from place to another or when doing something. Make sure the veteran is not alcoholic too as this can also be a factor.

Look for slip and trip hazards at Home

There could be plenty of them in your house but you might not have noticed them yet. To prevent falls, check the condition of your floor coverings. Make sure there are no uneven floors. You can contact a contractor to have the floors checked and repaired if necessary. Trailing cables can put seniors at risk of falling too so keep them neatly organized. Most importantly, always keep the floor dry. Keep seniors away from areas that are slippery and wipe spillages right away.

Have them exercise regularly

Help seniors prevent falls by helping them take care of their health. One of the factors that put them at risk of falls is their health condition. Therefore, help them improve it through regular exercise. Choose a routine that best fits the senior’s condition. Regular exercise can make their bones and muscles stronger thereby reducing their chance of falling.

Give them nonskid shoes to wear

There is a huge selection of nonskid shoes these days. It is a slip resistant type of shoes that is made for your loved one’s safety and comfort.

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