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Granny’s Tantrums and How to Handle the Same


Children are not the only ones who throw tantrums. As you may know, our senior loved ones do so as well. This is rampant among those that are of advanced age or those that suffer from mental disorders such as dementia. Regardless of the cause, it is undeniable that their tantrums can get in the way of rendering care and assistance for their day-to-day living. Solutions must be hurriedly applied.

Though it is somewhat annoying and disturbing, tantrums should be sensitively handled. A wrong move in dealing with this kind of behavior might severely affect the psychological aspect of the seniors. If your loved ones throw a stormy tantrum every now and then, here are some helpful tips that you can use to control the drama:

Try to talk it out.

Be the diplomat and use the power of speech. As much as possible, remain in your calm tone. Regardless of them squirming around and shouting, control yourself and meet them by the eye. Gently ask them to calm down as well. This tactic will help you train them to be vocal about their whims and frustrations.

Assess their comfort levels.

Maybe the reason for the tantrum is a wet diaper? Do a round check and determine what could have gone wrong. Another possibility is that they may be hungry. Also, the remote control might be broken and they are already missing out an episode of their favorite show.

Constantly communicate.

Most of the times, tantrums are easily misconstrued. To get rid of any sort confusion, connect with them. Spend more time with them and keenly study their interactions. Doing this will increase their familiarity with you and possibly, decrease the tension they feel against you as well.

Bring in another familiar face.

Perhaps your grannies have some personal issue with you. You may have said or done something that could have shaken his sensitive feelings. If this is the case, call for a third party. Bring in another family member, if possible. Perhaps by doing this, they will open up to that person and confide what really triggered his rampage.

Make use of creative distractions.

Pull out a gadget or bring in their favorite pet. This will break their fuming and their focus will be channeled elsewhere.

Keep it cool.

Never be aggressive and repulsive. Despite their behavior, they still have feelings. And they are way more fragile.

Aside from tantrums, there are plenty of reasons why living with a senior citizen can be a handful. There’s their incontinence, nutrition, and medications. To help you out on these seemingly unending tasks, the skills of At-HomeCare of CT, LLC experts are at your disposal!

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