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Tips for Diabetics: Food Cravings and Their Alternatives

Tips for Diabetics Food Cravings and Their Alternatives

Once you learn to accept your diabetes, you will discover that you can still live without feeling deprived. This is the purpose of home health care agencies – to see to it that you live life to the fullest while monitoring your holistic health. Here are substitutes you can enjoy once the craving sets in:

  • Use natural and artificial sweeteners.

    These are commonly used as sugar substitutes because they are way much sweeter than sugar but contribute few calories when added to food. Natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Monk Fruit, and artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Saccharin, and Sucralose won’t raise your blood sugar. Make sure you choose FDA-approved sweeteners, then settle to which you think tastes best. Home care in Connecticut sees to it that you have such products in your pantry.

  • Fast-food is allowed but order wisely.

    Instead of hamburgers or hotdogs, you can try grilled or broiled chicken sandwiches, a slice of thin crust veggie pizza, or low-fat sub sandwiches. If you or your senior loved ones occasionally crave for such kind of foods, letting them be cared for by home health professionals will surely satisfy their daily cravings prepared in accordance with their health requirements.

  • Stick to calorie rule of low or zero for drinks.

    Besides soda or fruit punch, try crystal light or other sugar-free beverages, seltzer with just an ounce or two of fruit juice, or water with lemon juice. But if you love tea, coffee, fruit and vegetable juice, and low-fat milk, then great! So long as they’re unsweetened and consumed moderately, they’re safe for you.

If you want expert health assistance for you or for your loved ones, At-HomeCare of CT, LLC will be glad to help.

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