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4 Reasons Why Home Care Works

two elderly people

How important is home care to your loved one? Before you answer that question, first you need to look at some reasons why it works.

Home care services have become famous and in demand these days. For example, in our home care in Connecticut, we are taking care of so many patients from different walks of life. Over the years, home care has been proven helpful and effective in assisting and helping seniors or anyone with special needs live a quality life.

Most commonly home care is for people who are advanced in age. However, it can also be for the chronologically ill, the disabled and to those who are still recovering from an operation. Basically, the services provided by At-HomeCare of CT, LLC are what these people need. If you want to know the reasons why our home care works, here are the details:

Daily personal care

The reason why old, disabled, and seriously ill patients can still look good, clean, and fresh is because of the aides from At-HomeCare of CT, LLC who do personal care for them every day. This includes helping them get dressed, take a bath, and wash their hair.


The reliable and highly trained homemakers are the ones working on the tasks like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and working on the yard. When the patients lose their ability to do all of these by themselves, they have us to do and finish all of the tasks for them.


Home care service works because, without them, the patients will not be able to eat well. We have professionals who can prepare delicious and healthy meals for them in accordance to their diet.


The best part about this type of service is that they can have someone as their companion to spend quality time with. Here in our home care in Connecticut, we always put a value on the emotional aspect of our patients because we know that if something is not right, it could entirely affect their well-being. We know that being old or dependent can trigger emotional problems. We do our best to help our patients feel as lively as possible, removing negative thoughts and emotions away.

It is common for them to feel depressed, useless, or lonely because of their situation. Nonetheless, our home care in Connecticut has proven itself efficient in alleviating these negative feelings and in making their condition better through the various services we offer. Having a companion by their side can significantly improve their condition and their feelings towards their situation.

If you want to contact At-HomeCare of CT, LLC, you may reach us through our phone number (203) 748-0103, fax (203) 748-9261 and email at athomecareofct@yahoo.com. You can also check out our website www.athomecareofct.com to inquire about us and the different types of services we offer.


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