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The Perks of Home Care

People actually spend a fortune on many services that you can enjoy through a Home Care in Connecticut like housekeeping, but we offer these services to you at the fraction of the price. We do not care about making a profit but we do care about giving you the opportunity to live life to the … Continue reading

The Perks of Home Care Services

People pay a fortune just to have a maid come in and keep their houses clean or a chef to prepare delicious food at their convenience. However, if you are a senior citizen, you get to enjoy these perks without having to break the bank. At-HomeCare of CT, LLC is a superb and caring company … Continue reading

Exercise Made Easy for Senior Citizens

Maintaining your health is important when you are a senior citizen, especially if you want to continue doing the things you love. Exercise is not only a great way to stay healthy, but it can be fun as well! Even in your golden years, you can go out and lead an active lifestyle. At-HomeCare of … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Home Care Works

How important is home care to your loved one? Before you answer that question, first you need to look at some reasons why it works. Home care services have become famous and in demand these days. For example, in our home care in Connecticut, we are taking care of so many patients from different walks … Continue reading

Senior Care: 5 Ways to Prevent Falls

Seniors are at high risk of falling due to many different factors including their age and their health condition. If there is one thing you would want to do to help, it would be to protect them from this mishap. Falling is dangerous to seniors because it can lead to disability or dependence. Veterans, for … Continue reading